1. Tennessee

From the recording Resolution

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The first time that I made on my own, I can tell you that it felt so free

And looking back I wonder how I was brave enough, seein’ I knew nobody

I’m sure that somebody was watchin’ over me
Was where I’m supposed to be.
Supposed to be.

Still miss you, Tennessee.

I’ve been to all the places, ran into faces I had only seen in magazines

My heart’s been broken by some of the prettiest girls that I’ve ever seen

Well at least I can say that I’ve been in love
And that’s enough for me
Guess it has to be

Still miss you, Tennessee.

And the reason I picked up and left is fast asleep in my arms

And my sister’s got a smile ‘cause her baby’s got an uncle that’ll be around

Because family means so much to me
They’re so very close to me.
They’re supposed to be.

Always miss you, Tennessee.

Copyright 2010 Brian McKenzie