About Brian...

Singer/Songwriter Brian McKenzie started his music career in the mid 90s as founding member, guitarist, and music writer in the Providence based rock band Kilgore (Warner/Giant Records). He has since released 3 albums as a melodic indie singer-songwriter and continues to make his mark in the music world.

The Recording Academy placed Brian on the Official Ballot for the 55th Annual Grammy Awards in four categories for the album “Resolution” (2011), and his album, "Looking Over Yesterday" (2015) features Nashville singer-songwriter / musician / Grammy award winner  Phil Madeira on two tracks. 

Brian's latest release, Brian McKenzie and Always September's "Bruising From the Fall" is an emotional, powerfully melodic, rock-based singer-songwriter project featuring a great line-up of musicians including Bill Southerland and Marty O'Brien (Kilgore), Brad O'Brien, and Chris Piccirillo. The first video from the album for "Higher Than This" premiered in Paste Magazine.

Brian is endorsed by Blueridge guitars, Shubb CaposLR Baggs electronics, Godin Guitars and Cordial Cables. His song "40 East" landed a spot in the Jonathan Silverman directed film "A Bet's a Bet". He is continuously performing throughout the country.

Words about Brian

 "Brian McKenzie's music is the real deal. A versatile singer-songwriter, guitarist, musician, and producer. His knowledge of telling a tale lends itself to powerful emotions which can be felt keenly in what he has developed. “Higher Than This” is only the tip of the gritty, soulful, rhythmic music to come." - PASTE Magazine  

“There used to be those days where true singer-songwriters could be found. A rare gift it would seem in the 21st Century that anyone has an honest story to tell from their own souls in words and guitar work that is faithful to the genre. Brian McKenzie shows there is still light and it feels good to once again hear the breathing of a genuine songwriter” - Samuel Lemonsitz , VENTS Magazine 

"On Bruising From The Fall, Brian McKenzie offers an emotional collection of candid ballads. His guitar-led works vibe with their percussion accompaniment like they belong together, lightly setting the stage for stirring vocals and sincere songwriting." - themusicmermaid.com 

"Singer-songwriter Brian McKenzie has a freshness to his sound that is un-mistakenly the best new voice to come on the ANY music platform in decades!" - Music Matters Magazine  

"Aside from Brian's breathtaking vocals, the instrumentation is smooth and flowing and their combination nicely uplifts... The musicianship sounds tightly woven... This soulful album captures something deep inside of you." - bostonrockradio.com  

"Brian McKenzie has a big heart and it comes across in his music.  A true gentleman with a beautiful voice, Brian is a wonderful artist." - Phil Madeira   

“Brian's deep writing and rich voice combine for a unique and memorable musical experience.” - LR Baggs Acoustic Electronics