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FED UP! Podcast on YouTube 8/30/23

Episode 18 with singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer 'Brian McKenzie' discussing new single "Technicolor Moments" and the accompanying video. We chatted about the lyrical inspirations, emotion and feelings within music and how they make us feel, creative process for "Technicolor Moments", memories, life experiences, the music industry, the film industry, writing and recording, playing music, live shows, acoustic, metal, rock, surf rock, movie set building, movies, Hammer Horror, horror magazines, martial arts movies both classic and modern, football (NFL), pro wrestling, and more!

Mayhem Rockstar Magazine Reviews Technicolor Moments

By Philip Sayback

Aug. 18 — Independent singer-songwriter Brian McKenzie released his new single and video over the weekend.

McKenzie debuts his new single, ‘Technicolor Moments‘ and its companion video Friday. The single boasts an intriguing musical arrangement whose opening bars harken back to some of the guitar-based sounds of the 80s. As the song progresses though, the arrangement leans in a more 90s pop rock style and sound. The whole is a presentation that is certain to keep listeners engaged and entertained....

95.9 WATD Podcast


Brian McKenzie plays on the WATD Tiny Stage and talks about projects he's worked on over the Covid quarentine including a new single "Through To You".

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