Q: I placed an order, then emailed you, and you didn’t respond. Why? 

A: Please make sure you email info@brianmckenzie.com Please DO NOT REPLY to the automatically generated confirmation email sent to you from our online store or from PayPal. 

Q: I don’t have a credit card, but I still want to buy merch… now what? 

A: We accept PayPal payments through our online store’s checkout process. If you have any questions as you go through the steps, please email info@brianmckenzie.com 

Q: Do you accept cash, checks or money orders? 

A: We only accept credit cards and paypal through the online store, but we hope to see you at a show, where we will be happy to accept your cash. We do not accept checks or money orders. 

Q: How long will it take for my order to arrive? It’s been 7 business days since I placed my order. 

A: PLEASE NOTE: We currently ship out orders once per week, usually on Thursday or Saturday. *Most* orders placed with a credit card or via PayPal will ship within 5 business days of receiving payment.* All orders, national and international, are sent via USPS. Overseas orders will usually take 14-21 business days to reach their destinations from the time the package is received by the post office. 

If you are hoping to receive your order within a specific timeframe, please email info@brianmckenzie.com BEFORE you order and we will attempt to accomodate you if at all possible. 

*Handling time is an approximation and not a guarantee. Shipping times may be longer or shorter depending on order volume. 

Q: But I selected Priority Mail shipping. That means I’ll get it within 2-3 days, right? 

A: Using Priority Mail shipping does not mean that you will receive your package 2-3 days from the moment you place your order. The USPS gives an estimate of 2-3 business days for your package to reach you once it has been sent out from the post office. Unfortunately, an estimate is not a guarantee, so in certain cases it may take longer to reach you depending on the volume experienced by the postal service and your location in relation to the Brian McKenzie Store offices. 

In addition, when estimating the day you expect to receive your package, remember to factor in processing/handling time that it will take to get from Brian McKenzie Store to the post office (which will vary depending on what day you ordered it). 

Q: But I paid extra for Priority Mail shipping. Can I get a refund on the postage? 

A: Priority Mail is the default shipping rate that the USPS uses for packages weighing more than 13 ounces, and our store system only offers this option if your package meets this criteria, so you actually did not pay extra for Priority shipping. 

Q: If I don’t live in the US, do I have to pay extra shipping costs for my order? 

A: The customer is responsible for any extra costs it takes to ship internationally. All shipping is calculated by our shopping cart system, so any extra costs will automatically be added to your order. 

Q: I live in a country that uses a different alphabet, and your online store forms won’t recognize my text. How can I place my order? 

A: If you are an international customer and feel that your name and/or address isn’t being translated correctly because it incorporates letters outside of the English alphabet, please email us at info@brianmckenzie.com with your address and order info. We’ll be able to help you out and get your order processed.