1. I Wish I Knew

From the recording Looking Over Yesterday

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Brian McKenzie: Vocals, Guitars, Percussio, Keys
Caleb Cook: Bass
Bill Southerland: Drums


I am the face of shame
You’d better believe I understand there’s no one else to blame
I am the poison weed
That grows up with your pretty flowers and destroys the leaves

And though my feet won’t touch the ground
My lips move and make no sound
I find my head keeps spinnin’ round
I wish I knew. I wish I knew

You are a dream to me
And you helped me to remember who I used to be
But I see a dimming light
And my dreams begin to crumble with the way we fight

I miss her body next to me
To stroke her hair as she falls asleep
My mind will never set me free
I wish I knew. I wish I knew.

I guess that’s what is best for me
To just bow out and let it be
Will everyone be fine without me?
I wish I knew. I wish I knew

Copyright 2013 Brian McKenzie