1. 90 Proof Tears

From the recording 90 Proof Tears (Single)

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This is the first in a series of darker, more honest tunes that will eventually be released in physical form as an EP


Whiskey colored eyes and he’s savoring the sips
Of the 90 proof tears running down upon her lips
Tried to switch to wine because it’s better for his heart
She comes in a little closer, he lets himself just fall apart

Stormy ocean eyes and they’ve issued an alert
Because his hurricane mind is bound to get somebody hurt
All he is and all he feels is connected to the tide
The rise is just euphoric. The pull, like suicide

Whiskey colored eyes and he’s swallowed every drop
And the warning that he feels in his gut can’t make it stop
Smashed the cases full of wine that were better for his heart
All the wreckage from his storm, left not knowing where to start

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