1. Someday

From the recording Bruising From the Fall

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I’m just getting number
I can wait till end of summer
Then I can wait no more

‘Cause I’ve been torn and twisted apart
In ways that I had almost forgot I could ever feel

Call it intuition but I’ve got my own suspicions about you and me
But I’m afraid to listen to my heart
I keep on wishing it was you with me

I’m just getting older now and I can’t help but wonder
How much is just wasted time
Cause everyone around me settled down and started families
Wonder if I’ll start mine

Am I too proud and jaded to put my dreams aside to fade away
For ever more
Cause there’s so much I walked away from
And I know looking back won’t help me anymore

Love and I are strangers
And my hearts the re-arranger in this tug of war
But somehow all that changes
After every conversation leaves me wanting more

We get by
Though we try
We cannot control our lives