From the recording Bruising From the Fall

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You ask me for the honest truth
Well it’s all right there in front of you
Always searching for what feels right
Well you’re questioning away your life
Just let go

Just go for a ride down to the coast
Whatever it takes to wake your soul
Become one with the sun
Run through the sand, dive into the sea
Remember what life’s supposed to be
Become one with the sun

The definition of insanity
Expecting better from the same damn things
The romantic curiosity
Can’t see the cycled lunacy
Just let go

Pack all your things and move to a place
Without one familiar face
Become one with the sun
Break some new ground, a less traveled road
Sowing the seeds so roots can grow
Become one with the sun

Impossible to see
You’ve been wiping the fog off the mirrors
in endless circles for way too long

Impossible to breathe
Holding everyone’s weight on your shoulders
It’s time to let it go